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Financial Regulations & Standing Orders Companies and Committees

Financial Regulations & Standing Orders Audit & Risk Committee Terms of Reference

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Induction process

Before you start:

Stage one of the induction process to be completed includes: 

  • Welcome and meet key contacts in the Governance Team.
  • References requested and received along with Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) related checks and references carried out.
  • Mandatory HRMC documentation and information provided on payroll and expenses.
  • Receipt of key documents, including Financial Regulations and Standing Orders (FRSO’s), Code of Conduct, NHF Code of Governance.
  • IT hardware provided and training provided on LiveWest systems and Convene (Governance software platform) to access meeting papers.
  • Information on access to offices and car parking provided.
  • Introductory meetings with the Group Chair in respect of Board members, Chair of the Committee for Committee members, Executive lead and Company Secretary.
Board member meetings with the Chairs of Committees and Senior Independent Director (SID)

Meetings will be arranged for all new Board members with all Committee Chairs and the SID to provide an overview of their role and to gain a better understanding of each Committee and its delegations.

Observing Board and Committee meetings

To provide an overview of the business, all new members will be given the opportunity to attend and observe all Committee meetings, and in respect of committee members, a Board meeting.

6-month appraisal meeting

Each new member is invited to attend a 6-month appraisal meeting with either the Group Chair in respect of Board members or the Chair of the Committee in relation to Committee members.  At this meeting, a further discussion will be held around the induction process, how the member is settling into the role, training opportunities and to set objectives for the next 6-months. 

Support and development

To provide continuous support during the first 12 months of appointment, the Group Chair in respect of Board members, and Chairs of the Committees for Committee members, will lead on supporting and developing their new member. Each new member will also be assigned either an Executive lead or a member of the Senior Management Team as an additional point of contact for support and advice.

Virtual meetings will be held with the lead Chair and with the Executive lead or Senior Manager on a quarterly basis.

Training and conferences

As part of the support and development programme, Chairs and Executive lead/Senior Manager will discuss with their new member training needs on a regular basis.

All members are encouraged to shadow colleagues across the business to enhance their knowledge of LiveWest.  Examples of opportunities include shadowing a Housing Officer, a ‘Day in the Van’ with an Inhouse Maintenance (IMS) operative, shadowing a Planner when scheduling customer repairs, shadowing a Customer Services Adviser, visits to development schemes and meetings with senior colleagues to understand their roles within LiveWest.

All members will also be given the opportunity to attend external conferences and training through relevant bodies such as the National Housing Federation and Chartered Institute of Housing.